Sunday, 23 September 2012

Just a quick post!!

This is only a quick post, as I haven't spent much time in the craft room today, but I just felt the need to do a quick project (not sure I would even call it a project!) that involved getting messy!!  I have lots of projects on the go that require me to concentrate and be precise etc, but wasnt in the mood for any of them.  This is also the first retiring list I have had to deal with as a demonstrator, so decided to use a samp set which is on its way out. 

Not the best ever photo, but hopefully you can get an idea.  Thought it was great that the words on the Flight of the Butterfly stamp also talks about change, and it allowed me to get very messy!!
And even better, look what I used to do it on........

An old Stampin' Up! catalogue.  Really felt it all tied in with my current jobs of sort out my old SU stamp sets.  I will try and get back to my other projects tomorrow, but may just be having too much fun getting messy!!

Friday, 21 September 2012

Autumn Accents Wreath

 I have to admit, there are soo many exciting new products in my craft room from the new Autumn/Winter catalogue, and some sneaky peek products from the new annual catalogue, that I'm a bit overwhelmed!! I keep walking round opening packets, and stroking things, and "ohing and ahing" at the new catalogue, that I'm not actually getting a lot of crafting done. 

Ayway, before I launch too much into Christmas stuff on my blog, I thought I would share this little autumn wreath I made using the Autumn Accents Bigz Die from the Autumn Wintere catalogue.

It was really good fun to make, and also used the stunning new Scalloped Tulle Ribbon.
There is also a stunning set of stamps to go with the die (watch this space for some projects using these soon.)
If you would like to order any of the products shown, or order a copy of the Autumn/Winter catalogue, then please contact me.


Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Changes to Stampin' Up! Ink Pads

Wih the introduction of the 2012-2013 annual catalogue, we have made a very big change to our Stampin’ Pads.
Introducing firm foam pads! They change your stamping experience for the better.
We know you’re going to love these new Stampin’ Pads--just look at all the exciting benefits listed below:
  • Provide better ink coverage for your stamps!
  • Light-tap stamping produces flawless images!  
In addition, our new Stampin’ Pads
  • Create wonderfully solid images. The Firm Foam releases more ink onto your rubber stamp than the felt pads. When using the Firm Foam pad, your stamp will get an even, solid covering of ink that you may not have been able to achieve with the felt pads. Please note: if you are using the ink pad frequently you may need to re-ink your Firm Foam pad more often. We recommend that you purchase a refill at the time of your ink pad purchase.
  • Have a crisply printed, glossy label on the top of the pad that is easier to read and that will not fade or chip off!
  • Come with colour name labels in all four languages (English, Spanish, French, and German)—just choose your language, peel it off the back, and add it to the side of the pad for easy identification!
  • Use the same patented flip-top case design that stores the inking surface upside down, so the pad surface stays moist!
  • Are available in all colours, including our exclusive In Colors!
Let your customers know about these exciting changes to our Stampin’ Pads. Be sure to have at least one on hand so your customers can see and experience for themselves the improved quality of our Stampin’ Up! Stampin’ Pads.
Please note: Five ink colours have undergone formula changes to improve functionality and colour stability with the new firm foam pads. These colours are
  • Basic Black
  • Basic Gray
  • Marina Mist
  • Perfect Plum
  • Tempting Turquoise
All five colours of the reformulated inks have been fully tested and approved. While using the new ink formula in the old Stampin’ Pads is fine, we do not recommend using the old ink formula in these five colours in the new firm foam pads.
We do not recommend using the Basic Black Classic Stampin' Pad on Whisper White or Very Vanilla Card Stock. Instead, we recommend you use the StazOn Ink Pad

New Firm Foam Pads FAQs


Q: Why did we switch from felt pads to firm foam pads?
A: We have worked very hard to improve the functionality of our Classic Stampin’ Pads. The firm foam allows for better ink coverage; plus it stays juicer and lasts longer.
Q: Do old Classic Stampin’ Ink Refills work with the new firm foam pads?
A: Yes, with the exception of Basic Black, Basic Gray, Marina Mist, Perfect Plum, and Tempting Turquoise, which have been reformulated to work with the new foam pad material. We do not recommend using old ink refills in these colours with the new firm foam pads.
Q: Before I use my firm foam pad, do I need to tap it and massage the ink around?
A:  No. The firm foam pads are ready for use immediately. The best stamping technique with the firm foam pad is light tapping.
Q: My pad is too wet. What should I do?
A: The closer to the manufacture date, the juicer the pad will be. As the pad ages, this problem will fade. In the meantime, very light tapping will reduce the extra ink on the stamp. You can also use a paper towel to blot the area of the stamp pad that you will be using.
Q: The firm foam on my lighter colour pads looks blotchy. Is this normal?
A: Yes. The blotchiness is caused by the characteristics of the pad material. It does not affect the stamped image.
Q: When I first stamp with certain colours, my images seem a lot darker. Why is this happening?
A: When stamping with your old pads, you had to work hard to get even ink coverage on your stamp. With the new firm foam pad, the stamp gets a lot more ink on it so when you stamp, your image will appear darker.  Once your stamped image dries, the colour will look normal.
Q: When I compare the firm foam pads to my felt pads, some of the colours don’t seem to match. Why is this?
A: The firm foam and felt will not match exactly. Ink reacts differently to different materials. We have quality checked each ink colour to ensure that the stamped ink colour is true.
Q: How long will the pad last before I need to re-ink it?
A: The amount you use it will affect how often you need to re-ink. Please keep in mind that these pads release a lot more ink onto your stamp, resulting in a crisp, solid image. Since the pads release more ink, they will need to be refilled more often.
Q: What is the best way to remove the colour labels from the bottom of the ink pad?
A: Start at the right bottom corner (just above the barcode) and slowly peel the corner up by removing both layers.
Q: Which end of the case do you apply the label to?
A: The label goes on the end where you open the case.
Q: If the ink pad becomes saturated with ink or liquid, will it cause the label to fall off?
A: No, the label should not be affected. However, like most labels, if you pick at it or try and remove it, it may start to peel up.
Q: What are some additional features of the new firm foam pads that I can share with my customers?
A: See additional features below:
  • The firm foam is nice and flat and will not become wavy.
  • The firm foam material does not imprint on the stamp images like the felt pad sometimes did. However, because the firm foam material is a foam base material, the stamp image can momentarily leave an imprint on the pad, which can transfer to a second stamped image. By inking your stamp on different areas of the pad or waiting momentarily for the ink to rise back to the top, you can easily avoid this situation.
  • The firm foam material is soft and has a nice bounce to it. It’s not hard like the felt is.
  • The ink lay-down (how the ink is absorbed into the card stock) is even, not blotchy, and dries quickly. It has an increased opacity and stamps solid images beautifully.
  • Please note: We do not recommend using the Basic Black Classic Stampin' Pad on Whisper White or Very Vanilla Card Stock. Instead, we recommend you use the StazOn Ink Pad.
Q: Will Stampin’ Spots use the new firm foam pad?
A: No. Stampin’ Spots will remain the same.
Q: Can I use the reformulated ink with my Stampin’ Spots?
A: Yes.
Q: Can I use the reformulated ink with my Stampin’ Around Wheels?
A: Yes.
Q: My ink pad needs re-inking during a stamp camp. Why?
A: There are several reasons for this:
  • The ink level in the firm foam pads is less than it was in the felt pads because of the slight difference in material.
  • The firm foam has a variation in thickness and density that requires the manufacturer to adjust the ink level.
  • Heavy stamping techniques will use more ink than light stamping techniques.
  • Larger stamped images will use more ink that smaller stamped images. 
  • Large groups of people using the pad at the same time will result in the ink pads needing to be refilled more often.

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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Candlelight Christmas Class

I love this set of speciality papers in the autumn winter catalogue, they are soo versatile, and not just for Christmas. They are also suitable for cards, scrapbooking, and many more projects.

These are the three items we will be making at the class on Monday 8th October.

And here are some pictures of the two boxes open so that you can see what they look like inside.

The cost of the class is £15 and you will get everything you need to complete the projects, including half a packet of the Candlelight Christmas Speciality Paper.

That's one sheet of each fantastic double sided design.  This means that you will have plenty of the paper left over to use on other projects.  What out for some ideas using this paper over the next few weeks.

The class will be held from 7.30pm until 10pm (ish) at my house.  Places are very limited,so places need to be booked and a deposit of £5 paid by Monday 1st October.  Please contact me if you want any more details, or to book a place.


Saturday, 8 September 2012

Retired List Blog Hop - Serene Snowflakes

One of my favourite stamp christmas stamp sets from the current catalogue is Serene Snowflakes,

and it is on the retired list (Boo!), but it did make it easy to decide what I should post of the retired list blog hop on In Love with Stamping!  You should've arrived here from

Here a couple of cards from a stack of 10 that I have done using the one sheet wonder method.

And here is a 3d tag made with the same set, which can then be used a s tree ornament aferwards.

Your next stop on the hop is

I have also included a full list of blogs just in case there are any technical hitches in the list!
I hope you enjoy the rest of the hop.


Thursday, 6 September 2012

We are having a treasure Hunt!

We are having a treasure hunt, and do you want to know what the treasure is???

$150 of Stampin' Up! Goodies of your choice ( yes I did mean dollars as the prize is from America!)

Interested in playing? Here's how:

I have a link of all the blogs in the Late Night Stampers web ring at the bottom of this post.  Visit these blogs, and find 50 treasure hunt clues. ( they aren't on every blog, and the hunt started mid August,mso they shouldn't be any further back than that). The post will have this photo in it, just above the clue.

My clue is STAMP-A-MA-JIG
Email me at listing all 50 clues and where you found them, and I will enter you in te prize draw.
The draw will be led on 31st October and the winner will be notified by email.

Also, follow my blog, and I will randomly select a follower to receive a free stamp set as well.

Good luck.

Late Night Stamper WEB RING

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Yes, that's right, Stampin' Up! Products for free!

If you place an order of £50 or more with me during the month of September, you will receive a free copy of the new annual catalogue,mwhich is due to be released on 1st October, AND a £5 Cocktail of Card voucher to spend on anything you want from the new catalogue during the month of October.

And don't forget there is the fantastic Autumn/winter catalogue, the current annual catalogue, and the retired list to chose from for you qualifying order this month.

Please contact me for more details, or to place an order.


Saturday, 1 September 2012

Retired lists

We now have the lists of the products that are retiring. There are some stunning discounts, but please remember that they are all on a while stocks last basis. If there's anything you want, don't miss out, place your order today.



The Autumn/winter catalogue is here!!!

And it's awesome!!!!

I will be posting some projects over the next few days, but for now, click here to see a copy, or if you want a paper copy of your own contact me. If you see anything you like, or have any questions, then contact me, and I will help you out.