Monday, 25 February 2013


I love the Simply Scrappin kits that Stampin' Up! offer.  They are just £18.95, and they provide everything you need to make loads of layouts, 12x12 cardstock, 12x12 patterned paper, and loads of embellishments.

You get at least 2 of everything, 2 of each colour cardstock, 3 of each patterned paper, and 2 of each embellishment, so they are ideal for sharing.  But, what if you haven't got a Scrapbooking buddy who likes they same kit as you?? Well, now it doesn't matter!  I am offering shares in the Bandstand Kit below.  You will get 1 of each colour 12x 12 cardstock, 1.5 of each patterned paper, and 1 of every embellishment, all for the amazing price of £9 (£12 posted).


And look at some of the fantastic things you can do with it.


And look what one of my very talented friends and customers, Christine Dawson, did with it.
If you want to create some fantastic layouts with this kit, then please contact me.  One of the shares of this has already been sold, so as soon as you email me, this other can be in the post to you!!

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